Inspired by the annual migration of Monarchs, this work celebrates the connections between the United States and Mexico, and the diverse migration through the Rio Grande, also referred to as the “Magical Valley” or “Magic Country”. Mutual respect and collaboration between cultures and eco-systems represent the future of our planet, and the work thematically connects to this notion of interdependency.

In Mexican tradition, a butterfly passing or crossing your path is a good omen. Symbols of migration, rebirth and renewal, they move freely and develop through a process of metamorphosis. The work is comprised of metamorphic butterflies, in which human eyes have been incorporated into the pattern of Monarch butterfly wings.

Ranging in size from 3 foot to 10 foot, they appear to be flying along the central portion and over the arched roof of the Inspection Station Building as you enter the US from Mexico. Responding to the movement of the sun, the work casts changing patterns of colors and shadows along the surface of the building, creating a kinetic visual effect.

Location: US Border Station, Pharr, Texas
Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, fused glass, automotive paint
Dimensions: 32 ft. H x 56 ft. W x 6 ft. D

Commissioned by Art in Architecture Program, General Services Administration


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